Labret Stud Earrings and High Quality Cartilage Jewelry

Cartilage Jewelry

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Clear CZ Prong Set 20G Back Push-In, Threadless 3 SIze Top Quality CZ 316L Surgical Steel Quality Guarantee ---...
Flat Big Stone Bezel Set, Flat & Comfortable Stone  2 Size Shaft, 3 Size Stone 316L Surgical Steel Quality...
4pcs/pack Price --- Flat Big Stone Bezel Set, Flat & Comfortable Wearing  2 Size Shaft, Clear Gem Only 316L Surgical...
4pcs/pack Price --- Flat Big Stone Bezel Set, Flat & Comfortable Stone  2 Size Shaft, 2 Size Stone 3...
4pcs/pack Price --- Clear CZ Prong Set MIcro Size Push-In Labret, Threadless  2 Size Gem, 2 Color Ways...
4pcs/pack Price --- Hoop with Stopper 20G, 3 SIze  316L Surgical Steel Quality Guarantee ---
4pcs/pack Price --- Hoop with Stopper 18G, 2 SIze  316L Surgical Steel Cartilage & Nose Quality Guarantee ---...
4pcs/pack Price --- Hoop woth Small Ball End 20G 1.3mm Ball 3 Size Flexible Hoop 316L Surgical Steel...

Picobj.Com – Popularizing High-Quality Ear Jewelry Trends With Exquisite Designs

Piercing trends may not be new, but they are now surely trendy and cool. This simple addition to your style can add a whole lot of individuality to your entire appearance, making you look more uber-cool and chic. Being one of the most dominant fashion trends today, piercing now have an eye-catching multiplicity to offer. And one of the most fashionable piercing trends today is labret piercing.

As you know, we at Picobj.Com are all about trendy body jewelry. We love serving customers finest pieces of body jewelry; ranging from the High-Quality Ear Jewelry to labret studs, nipple and tongue rings, and everything else. But our ultimate love for labret earrings is beyond comparison. We often wonder how this small and hidden fashion suddenly becomes the trendiest style for youngsters across the world.

We Love Body Piercing Fashion!

You may not know how to accessorize your ears, but we do! We know how the latest ear piercing trend involves multiple-layered, intricately positioned rings and how the piercings trend is being dominated by the delicate yet sturdy earrings.

That’s why we bring you the widest variety of Labret jewelry styles, ranging from the fairly obvious Labret Earrings For Cartilage to the curved barbells and hoops. Our versatility labret piercing for ears also accompanies an excellent collection of studs for lip piercings to give you a whole new body penetrating style.

Our selection of Labret Stud Earrings is absolutely fresh, trendy, and elegant. We just love the trend of labret piercing. But as its location slightly elicits some risks to the wearer, we always carefully make the designs to complement your look, without posing any risks of scratch or cut.

Endless Designs At Your Fingertips!

From the dolphin bite style to snake bite designs; we provide an endless collection of High-Quality Cartilage Jewelry and labret stud piercing pieces at a much affordable pricing range. From the subtler hoop look too circular or curved barbell, from Captive Bead Rings (CBRs) to Flat Back Studs, we have everything to match your style statements.

Our collection of Labret Earrings For Cartilage comes with multiple piercing options including earlobe, forward helix, helix, tragus, cartilage, conch, and lip piercings. Our designs are the small additions to your style that can surely have a big impact on your overall personality and appearance.

By selling each piece individually, we let the customers choose and pick the designs according to their choices and piercing locations. Regarding comfort, rick-free, and ease of insertion; we keep the internally threaded pieces and the High-Quality Cartilage Jewelry suave and unctuous so that they can slide in and come out securely.