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F136 Titanium is Implant Grade Titanium Alloy.
Titanium is 40% lighter than steel and Bioaffinity Material.
It is good enough reason for use Body Jewelry.
Recommend for Initial Piercing.
Made in Korea

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Buy Eli Titanium Jewelry With Spectacular Designs At Picobj.Com

Stylish and up-to-the-minute body jewelry has become an overwhelming trend in today’s global fashion industry. However, to our surprise, this time, not a diamond and gold jewelry, but the state-of-the-art and cool titanium ornaments have become a prime choice for fashionistas opting for body piercing these days.

Being an excellent alternative to the costly gold and diamond pieces, the demand of Eli titanium jewelry is rising in the market. If you also want to be a part of this latest craze in the global fashion world and express your individuality through your pierced body jewelry, then we have the best options for you.

Why Opt For Titanium Jewelry?

Because titanium is completely nickel-free, it rarely induces any kind of allergic reaction to the human body. It is also highly resistant to scratches and corrosion and less likely than other body jewelry materials that react with body fluids. Being a lightweight metal, titanium always makes quite appealing for being used as body jewelry, especially when you are looking for a funky yet light-weight design.

Titanium is around 40% lighter than steel. It is also a bio-affinity material, which makes it extremely suitable for body piercing. Highly commended for initial piercing, our titanium ornaments are trendy, classy, cool, and eye-catching. Made in Korea, our entire range of Eli Titanium Jewelry comes with the highest quality and durability guaranty.

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At Picobj.Com; you can browse and Buy Eli Titanium Jewelry, with the best designs, trendy looks, highest quality guaranty, and affordable pricing. Not just we have beautiful designs that are awe-inspiring, but also our unchanging commitment to deliver good quality body jewelry pieces has made us the prime choice for jewelry shoppers globally.

Our collections for Eli titanium ornamental accessories and ornaments are affordable enough that anyone and everyone can buy it, try it out, and be outstanding in the crowd. Eli titanium does not exactly look like the real diamonds. Instead, with minimal similarities, Eli Titanium carries its individual characteristics and elegant look, more than the original diamond pieces.