Acrylic/Silicon are the only one material Harmless to Body in Plastic
Acrylic is most Transparent & Strong Material in Plastic
Specially for Body Jewelry, make UV colors, It is response under Black Light.
Made in Korea
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Acrylic UV

2pcs/pack Price --- Regular Hollow Plug Looks Big Hole and Keep Stable Wearing 11 Size/4 Color Ways Pink for 6G-5/8"...
2pcs/pack Price --- Regular Hollow Plug Big Size Looks Big Hole and Keep Stable Wearing 6 Size/2 Color Ways...
2pcs/pack Price --- Solid Double Falred Plug Basic Soft Feel Plug 12 Size/3 Color Ways Silicon Harmless to...
2pcs/pack Price --- 7/8"-2" High Guage Black, White, Clear Acrylic is Harmless to Body 3 Color Ways UV...
4pcs/pack Price --- UV Thin Disc Design without Black Ring Acrylic is Harmless to Body 1/4"(6mm) Shaft 5 Color Ways /...
4pcs/pack Price --- 7/16"-1", also 11/16"(18mm) Acryilc UV Expander, Acrylic is Harmless to Human Body. It is Shiny under Black Light...
4pcs/pack Price --- Acrylic is Harmless to Body 5/8"(16mm) Shaft 5 Color Ways Basic Barbell & UV Reactive under ...
2pcs/pack Price --- Super Soft Hollow Plug 12 Size/2 Color Ways Silicon Harmless to Body ---