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4pcs/pack Price --- Double Jeweled 316L S. Steel 16G(1.2mm) Shaft MIni & Regular Ball Size 2 Size Clear Gem...
4pcs/pack Price --- Plain Ball 316L S. Steel 14G(1.6mm) Shaft MIni & Regular Ball Size 6 Size Quality Guarantee ---...
4pcs/pack Price --- Doubl Jeweled 316L S. Steel 14G(1.6mm) Shaft MIni Jewel Ball 3 Size Clear Gem Quality Guarantee ---...
4pcs/pack Price --- Double Jeweled 316L S. Steel 14G(1.6mm) Shaft Mini Shaft 5/16(8mm) Jewel Ball 7 Color Ways Quality...
4pcs/pack Price --- Double Jeweled 316L S. Steel 14G(1.6mm) Shaft Standard Shaft & Jewel Ball 7 Color Ways Quality Guarantee ---...
4pcs/pack Price --- Plain Ball 316L S. Steel 14G(1.6mm) Shaft Long Shaft 3/8"(10mm) Jewel Ball 7 Color Ways Quality Guarantee ---...
4pcs/pack Price --- 316L S. Steel 14G(1.6mm) Shaft 2 Size Ball Multi Jewel Ball Clear/Pink Gem Quality Guarantee ---

Picobj.Com – Offering Cool & Trendy Belly Button Piercing Dangle

Navel piercing or belly button piercing is one of the oldest and most popular body piercing trends today. However, it is not new. The trend of navel piercing started gaining eyeballs in 1993 after international Christy Turlington walked on a ramp with her navel piercing on point and since then, this trend has shown no sign of stopping.

If you are also planning to add a new piercing to your body and looking for the best jewelry options for making your navel sexier and cooler; then Picobj.Com is the right place for you. Our collections of belly button piercing ring come with stunning and trendy designs that help you show off your stylish, cool, and funky fashion sense.

Why Go For Belly Button Piercing?

  • It makes you look funky and sexy.

  • It’s less painful than other body piercing options.

  • It adds an erogenous touch to your individuality.

  • You have endless jewelry options to complement your look.

  • It makes you look more confident and chic.

Buy Quality Belly Bottom Rings At Picobj.Com

Having a belly button piercing has become pretty common for today’s generation. It’s sexy, cool, and adds a funky side to your personality. If you also have a piercing done on your navel and want to show it off with style and pride, then our Belly Button Piercing Dangle is the best way! Picobj.Com is your one-stop-shop for the highest quality, trendy and affordable belly button jewelry.

Our matchless and fashionable designs and styles of belly button dangle let you show off your navel piercing with the latest style and in the coolest possible way. From design to finishing, from quality material to trendy designs; at Picobj.Com, we ensure you everything to be inimitable. Apart from dangles, our widest selection of navel jewelry also includes:

  • Simple & classic styles of navel rings

  • Sparkling colored stones

  • Belly bars

  • Barbell navel rings

  • Non-dangle curved & curved barbells

  • Top-down curved barbells

  • Captive bead rings

  • Twister spiral navel rings

If you want to upgrade your collection of navel rings; don’t forget to stop by Picobj.Com and explore the virtually endless collection of latest styles and navel jewelry trends!