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Steel CBR Segment Ring

4 pcs/pack Price ---  316L Surgical Steel Hinged Segment 16G(1.2mm) 3 Size Seamless hoop Popular Style for Cartilage, Helix,...
316L Surgical Steel CZ Hinged Segment See Front CZ 16G(1.2mm) 4 Size Seamless Clicker hoop Popular Style for...
316L Surgical Steel Hinged Segment 16G(1.2mm) 4 Size Seamless Clicker hoop Set CZ along the Side Popular Style...
316L Surgical Steel Plain Steel Fine Set AAA Grade CZ Hinged Segment Sealles Hoop 4 size --- Quality...
4pcs/pack Price --- Basic Captive Bead Ring High Guage 20G, 6 Size Lib, Cartilage, Helix, Tragus etc Quality...
4pcs/pack Price --- Basic Captive Bead Ring High Guage 18G, 6 Size Lib, Cartilage, Helix, Tragus Quality Guarantee...
4pcs/pack Price --- Basic Captive Bead Ring High Guage 16G, 8 Size Lib, Eyebrow, Septum, Cartilage, Helix, Tragus...
4pcs/pack Price 20pcs/case --- Annealed Flexible Ball Fixed Captive Bead Ring 2.5mm Ball 3 Size Popular for Nose,...

Picobj.Com – Prime Designer Of Trendy & Cool Steel CBR Segment Ring

Are you planning to get a body piercing done?

Are you wondering about the best kind of body jewelry available in today’s market?

Or, are you looking for a trusted and renowned store to expand your body jewelry collection?

Well, mostly called CBR and sometimes simply referred to as a hoop or ring, the CBR segment ring is one of the hottest fashion trends of today’s world. With body piercing gaining more and more attention and fashionistas all over the world looking for trendy and stylish rings for different parts of their pierced body; Steel CBR Segment Ring has grabbed maximum eyeballs in today’s fashion world.

Picobj.Com – One-Stop-Shop For Fashionable CBR Rings

While most stores promote a misconception of similarity between all the rings by designing similar styles and piercing purposes; we always try our best to make the rings stand out and trendy. At Picobj.Com, we design and deliver CBR rings with a lot of subtle differences including design, flair, fashion, materials, and cuts so that every piece can cater to a unique style statement.

Why Choose Us?

 Right from the traditional ball closure rings (BCR) and Captive Bead Ring (CBR) to rings with modern styles and designs, from rings with flexible strength to ornamental pieces with highly customizable in style, shape, and finish, we carry a wide-ranging selection of CBR steel piercing rings for diverse fashion statements and individual choices. You also can customize the rings according to your preferences.

 We also have a diverse assortment of the highest quality yet wholesale Ball Closure Rings and Captive Bead Rings, available in virtually endless sizes, colors, materials, designs, and finishes. Their super-cute designs and trendy cuts make them suitable for a whole range of different body piercing purposes. Our segment rings can be used for piercing in the nipple, septum, as well as cartilage piercings like the helix.

 Our CBR segment rings are made of the highest grade steel metals like 316L surgical steel which makes it not only lightweight but also long-lasting and trendy. Also, with virtually endless designs, shapes, styles, and cuts; our collection of CBR rings is ideal for different body types and individual style statements. Come and explore our entire collection by browsing our online store!